Saturday, August 19, 2006

Video Blogging


I hope you've noticed how Video is really taking off in the last few months.
You tube is now huge with Millions of hits a day.
As more and more people are getting connected to Broadband they no doubt are able to access such services with so much more ease. Large file sizes are no longer a problem.
I must admit myself and no doubt that you will prefer to communicate with someone in much more ease if you can actually see thm.
Learning about new products, software and How To information is moving onto this new platform very qickly.

I fairly new program I came across and its a superb product from a Marketing LongStay who has been producing quality products for a long time now is Marlon Sanders -

If you are really wanting to know how To Video Blog - this is a must .

VBlog Secrets is all you will ever need

If you want to know how to start Video Blogging weather it be for Fun or Profit then hop along and check this site out.
He not only shows you how to get up and going but how to Start Making some serious cash with it . Now Hw Cool can that be - especially if you enjoy it anyway..Right!
He has a few different packages he offers depending on your experience level.

Mosy on down and check it out VBlog Secrets


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Monday, August 14, 2006

New Affiliate Program coming for Joint Ventures

Just a quick post to let everyone know that I'me launching a Joint Venture Program in the next few weeks for The Hot Video Training Site

A new backend has been installed for anyone wishing to earn 75% Cmmisions for selling memberships to tjhe site.
We are developing an interface for graphics, email and newsletter campaigns .
Anyone wishing to JV with me and sell memberships is welcome.
Please send me details of your list size etc. I will send you details of where to join up in the coming weeks.
As you may know there has been somewjhat of a blowout and everyone seems to be coming out with products that are Video based. Some if these are very interesting in that they are more about and showing internet marketing tactics etc. Like the one that Jason James came out with and thereafter the CD based physical product. Uncut Marketing . I am not an affiliate so I am not selling it but I have bought the CD based product.
So back to the fact that there are some great video based products out there but....there are some i have seen ...downright simple and a waste of time to be honest. They contain maybe ranging from 2 hours to about 15 hours of training .
That is what separates the Men from the boys. I can assure you Hot Video Training Site is still the largest collection of Video Tutorials for the internet Marketer. Developed by Amir Salim.

There at present over 54 Hours ....Yup over 54 Hours of Video Tutorials and in addition a whole range of Master Resell Rights and Courses. It's a one stop shop for anyone starting out on internet marketing or wanting to start an online business.

Take a look - a join up today - if you really serious about starting your online empire.

Alll the best

Hamant Keval.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Requests to give a preview Video of Hot Marketing Video

This last week I've had quite a lot of interest in Hot Video Training site.
Although I have made quite a lot of mini videos available if you sign up for the newsletter.

So I have decided to make a camtasia Video available to show you the inside of this fabulous Video Training Site. Ahh a I know I'me blowing my own trumpet but you know what - I've been a member of so many membership sites. Some very good and some not so good shall we say.
This site has almost everything you will ever need to start your online business.
Today many "gurus" make you belive that all you have to do is put a webpage up, an email capture form, a product page, a download page , a thank you page and voila.
That;s all but so easy to say in words, but the reality is that if you are a starter you need to be taken by the hand and ahown step by step.

Thats where my site excels. Online Video is the way forward .

Next week I will put up a link to a camtasia video of the inside of the site and show you how much information we have gathered to help you.

Till next week.

Hamant Keval.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

You can Create Video very Easily

Blog Post Subject:-New Video Article - 3 Simple Ways To Create Viral Videos...or3 Simple Ways To Create Viral Videos -New Video Article

You have probably heard of the power of viral videos but always thought it was too hard to create your own for your specific niche.

The good news is that it is dead easy and this video will give 3simple ways to make your own viral videos and the best part isthat it doesn't matter what niche you are marketing in.

Check it out below...

Hope this helps

Hamant Keval

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Video Tutorial has come of Age

Video Tutorial has come of Age

It seems that almost daily New sites are springing up with some sort of Video content.
Many have tutorials of How to do some aspect of marketing or how to do something with regard to a niche market.

Is'nt it much much easier to watch somoeone almost 'over their shoulders' and kearn the technique rather than pour over ebooks or for that matter books.

As an example how many of us have actually read the user manuals that any equipment that we buy , ie Hi Fi equipment etc.

I have bought so much software over the past year and to be honest I have raraely used or read the software.
I prefer to read Blogs quickly or watch Video Tutorials

In fact I have just purchased Artemis Pro from JAmes Brausch which is a software that sneds out article in a specialised way to article directories but with a twist.

Now what does James do ? He sends a download link for the software and many Video Tutorials to go with it, No manuals per say. But I dont mind not having a manual. The Videos are great and he makes them crystal clear.
All I need to do is re watch again if I need clarification.

Now You have it in a nutshell. Video Tutrials is the best and fastest way to get your online business in overdrive.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Are You a Newbie Marketer

This week was the Setting of the Great Internet Marketing Summit in London

All I can say is Wow !

I realised after a show of Hands How many of the 1000 people who were attending the summit were actually almost complete newbies who need some help in Marketing and getting their business online.

I realised then the great help that my package here on Online Video Training would be to a lot of New Marketers.

Please feel free to take a look at the package and decide for yourself on the huge amount of contenthere

Thanks and Success to you all

Ps Feel free to send me an email if you need any help in setting up your online business

Hamant Keval


Saturday, June 03, 2006

New Resell Rights added to the site

For those who liketo use Resell Rights products - Ameer has added a whole host of new products that are all new and you can have Resell Rights to all these as a paid member of